The Northwestern Wildcats football team at 4-0 and first-place in the B1G West could host a seminar on self-confidence.

With the powerful Wisconsin Badgers headed to Evanston Saturday for a battle that will determine the West’s leader going forward, the Wildcats let the world know they no longer fear playing an athletic football team on a fast track.

The team’s official Twitter account posted a video of a Forrest Gump-like lawn mowing sequence occurring on a very short-cut natural grass pitch at Ryan Field. The lawn looks beautiful, like a golf course fairway, painted up bright, and ready for the big game.

The tweet was captioned: “Them: they probably grew the grass out at Ryan Field.”

It was followed by a sarcastic hand-waving emoji above the video of the grass being shorn to the limit:

The joke, admittedly cocky for the Wildcats, comes from the old legend that the grass at Ryan Field was grown long and kept over-watered, making for a slow track to give the historically under-powered Northwestern teams an elemental advantage. The long grass and slow playing surface would slow down athletic teams and even the odds. The legend was more truth than fiction.

But apparently those days are done with. Coming off of a 3-9 season (1-8 Big Ten) the Wildcats are feeling good. Just how good, we’ll know sometime early evening Saturday after the game with the mighty Badgers has ended.