It won’t be the type of game that goes down in the storied lore of Northwestern football. Nevertheless, Saturday’s 21-13 over Nebraska is putting the Wildcats in a dancing mood.

Down 13-7 at halftime following a sloppy first half, Northwestern put together a solid final two quarters to improve to 3-0. It was a big performance even if the opponent, a now 0-2 Nebraska, doesn’t exactly make this a signature win for the program.

With that being said, Northwestern did rebound well, showing character in how they responded in the second half in all three phases of the game. This resilience coupled with the execution seen in the second half is a building block for the rest of the season, for sure.

So, maybe there is reason for Northwestern to whoop it up a little bit and let loose.  They were sloppy in the first half and in the second half were absolutely dominant. It was impressive.

The celebrations can only go on for so long, however,

The next two weeks will be crucial for Northwestern’s postseason hopes as well as their viability as a contender to make the Big Ten Championship Game. They play 2-0 Purdue next Saturday followed by No. 10 Wisconsin the week after.

Those are two games that will be telling if Northwestern is in fact for real and capable of more epic celebrations in the future.