Every year, college football programs seem to reveal some sort of new alternate look for the upcoming season. It’s a way to be cutting edge, giving players something to look forward to and a way to pique the interest of recruits.

Maybe a few extra jersey sales don’t hurt, either.

On Friday, Darren Rovell may have uncovered a new look Northwestern’s football team may don at some point this fall. The sports business guru seems to have stumbled into a Gothic-style uniform that the Wildcats could likely be wearing.

Below is the image Rovell captured. It’s just a preview, but even that is pretty awesome.

Northwestern is coming of their first West Division title and appearance in the B1G Championship Game. The Wildcats finished the 2018 season with a  9-5 record and are hoping to defend their crown.

Doing so in some new threads seems warranted after such a remarkable season.

There’s been no other mention of an alternate uniform. We’ll find out soon enough if and when the Wildcats throw on these beauties.