Former Purdue and current New Orleans quarterback Drew Brees has won a lot in his football career. He won a B1G title while in West Lafayette in 2000 and led the Saints to a victory in Super Bowl XLIV.

But apparently, betting isn’t Brees’ forte. The NFL gunslinger lost a bet with rookie wide receiver Austin Carr who was Northwestern’s — and the B1G’s — top receiver a year ago.

Brees and Carr made a T-shirt bet on Saturday’s game between Purdue in Northwestern, with the loser having to wear the other team’s colors. After the Wildcats beat the Boilermakers 23-13, Brees was forced to wear the purple and white.

Carr seems to be enjoying himself in the photo, but Brees looks less than impressed.

Northwestern has owned the Boilermakers this decade, winning each of the last four games between the two schools. Purdue’s last win in the series came in 2010.

Brees can’t be happy about losing this bet to a rookie.