Pat Fitzgerald started the tradition of giving the No. 1 jersey out at Northwestern in 2011. The player who will wear the esteemed number for the Wildcats was revealed on Wednesday.

It will be none other than Senior WR Raymond Niro III that will be wearing the number for the Wildcats this season. Fitzgerald announced the decision with a little bit of spectacle, revealing who player was by playing the opening line of Jay-Z’s song ‘Public Service Announcement (Interlude)’.

The players immediately surrounded Niro, giving him bear hugs and going crazy while cheering him on. Here’s what Fitzgerald said before revealing it:

“No. 1 is the Wildcat,” said Fitzgerald. “It’s someone who represents our program not some of the time, but all the time. Who we are, and what we value. What we wanna be a part of, and how we wanna do. He not only does it in the way he carries himself, but that’s the type of teammate that he is. He gives himself up for the greater good of everybody else. We’ve had some awesome ones, unbelievable.”