Northwestern University will be implementing an online-learning plan for freshmen and sophomores for the Fall Quarter, according to a report from The Daily Northwestern.

On Friday, administration sent out an email stating that it was “compelled to make several adjustments” due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Administrators consulted with Northwestern Medicine and state and local health officials, per the release.

Based on those conversations, Northwestern will not permit first- and second-year students from participating in face-to-face courses for the Fall Quarter. There will be some limited exceptions to the rule.

Freshmen and sophomores will be allowed to return to campus for the Winter Quarter, per the release. Though that is also subject to change.

Fraternity and sorority houses will also be closed until the Winter Quarter.

Juniors, seniors and graduate students will be permitted on campus, as previously scheduled. A mixture of hybrid and face-to-face classes will also be available to those students, per the report.