It’s safe to say through three weeks that it’s tough to score on Northwestern in the second half.

Through three games, the Wildcat defense has yet to give a score in the second half. That’s a historic number for Pat Fitzgerald’s defense. This is the first time a Fitzgerald-led defense has gone on a tear like this.

Northwestern has held Maryland, Iowa and Nebraska scoreless in the second half of games this season, a good way to start the year 3-0.

The defense hasn’t been perfect, but it has been effective enough. Northwestern has had a chance to win all three of its games so far because of a staunch defensive effort in the second half.

At 3-0, it looks like this Wildcat team has some confidence and swagger. That appears like it’s only going to grow. We’ll see if the ‘Cats keep it up next week when they take on 2-0 Purdue, which was off this week because of Wisconsin’s forced cancellation.