By now, you’re probably aware that Northwestern’s offense is bad. Really bad. But do you know just how lowly it’s been this season? That’s what we’re here to tell you.

Northwestern sits at 1-7 on the season, with its lone victory coming against UNLV in September. And while that awful record is enough to cringe at this year, it actually pales in comparison to some of the numbers the Wildcats’ offense has produced this season — particularly in the scoring department.

Currently, Northwestern is averaged 9.75 points per game this season, which ranks dead last in the FBS. To make matters worse, the Cats haven’t reached the offense since Oct. 5, a 13-10 loss to Nebraska in Lincoln. It’s been over a month since their last touchdown.

According to SportSource Analytics, Northwestern could be the first team in Power Five football to finish a season averaging less than 10 points per game since 2001. The closest was Stanford, who averaged 10.58 points per game in 2006.

That is unbelievably bad. It’s almost as bad as some of those terrible Northwestern teams before the 1990s.

Northwestern still has games against Purdue, UMass, Minnesota and Illinois remaining on the schedule. Will they be able to get out of this rut? Or are the Cats headed for a historically bad season?