On Saturday, Northwestern fell in a hard-fought game vs. Iowa. Though the Wildcats never quit and had a chance to win it late, a late interception allowed the Hawkeyes to secure the 17-12 win.

During the game, one weird scene provided a delay to the action. An impromptu protest broke out on the field as the game was forced to pause while the situation was resolved.

After the game, Fitzgerald was asked about the incident. He explained his only concerns were about his team and the safety of the student-athletes inside the arena.

“My first focus is the health, safety, and well-being of our student-athletes,” Fitzgerald said. “It’s an arena for the athletes, the officials, and the coaches, and those are the people that are supposed to be in it. Anytime that gets compromised it gives you pause, and you have great care and concern.

“If anybody saw, that’s all I was focused on was trying to keep our guys away. You never know what may happen…that’s my focus and priority.”

Here are his full comments on the incident:

Thankfully, a minor delay appeared to be the only thing to come from the incident.