Northwestern needs a fresh start. The Wildcats are 1-5 this season and haven’t won a conference game, but they hit rock bottom after suffering a blowout loss to Ohio State on Friday, 52-3.

Wildcats coach Pat Fitzgerald emphasized the fresh start his team needs, referencing the control, alt, delete buttons on a computer.

“It’s the three magic buttons of getting things fixed, but they all have to be pressed at the same time,” Fitzgerald said in his press conference Monday. “And that’s control, alt, delete. You know what that does? It restarts it. That’s what we talked about this morning.”

This has to be one of the more interesting coaching analogies from a Big Ten coach this year. Maybe each button represents the three different phases of football — offense, defense, special teams?

Regardless, Fitzgerald and the Wildcats will be trying to press the right buttons against a tough Iowa defense this Saturday. Northwestern will host the Hawkeyes on 12 pm ET.

Northwestern’s schedule in the final month gets a lot easier on paper, but the Wildcats also still have to face Minnesota on Nov. 23.