Pat Fitzgerald’s firing became official Monday with Northwestern parting ways with the former player and longtime head coach. The move comes after an eye-opening investigation and report into hazing allegations within the program.

ESPN’s Rece Davis joined SportsCenter to discuss the move and reported details coming out of Northwestern. The longtime piece of College GameDay admitted he was shocked by the news and would have previously guaranteed that type of Hazing did not involve Fitzgerald’s program.

“I’m shocked by it and as long as I’ve been around this sport, not much surprises me anymore,” said Davis. “But if someone had come to me the day before this story broke and someone said ‘There’s about to be a story in this sport that involves hazing of a sexualized nature and it’s going to be fairly rampant and known within the program.’ Give me 6 guys that you can guarantee it’s not happening in their program. Pat Fitzgerald would have been on this list.”

As for how the Wildcats recover moving forward, Davis expects the immediate future to provide a bumpy path with Northwestern already a tough program to win at:

“I don’t know how they recover because they have to find a leader who can understand Northwestern and instill some of the values that worked well while avoiding some of the pitfalls,” explained Davis.

Here is the full segment with Davis’ comments on the hazing investigation and Fitzgerald’s firing: