Northwestern lost to Wisconsin 24-15 on Saturday.

That much wasn’t a surprise. The Badgers were supposed to win the football game. The Wildcats are now 1-3 overall in 2019.

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However, that’s not what people are talking about when looking back on the game. People are discussing the two separate two-point conversions that coach Pat Fitzgerald decided to go for. At one point, the Wildcats trailed 24-9.

Fitzgerald decided to go for two to try and make it a 13-point game as opposed to a 14-point one. And then, after the first attempt failed, he went for it again when Northwestern trailed 24-15.

Here’s Fitzgerald on Monday, who pointed toward the analytics, as to why he went for it both times:

Fitzgerald isn’t saying that every time his team is down 15, nine or has a chance to win with a two-point conversion, that he will go for it. Situations matter.

And on Saturday, he felt the situations pointed toward going for two.