Pat Fitzgerald’s incredibly frustrating year at Northwestern somehow continues to spiral in the wrong direction. During Saturday night’s game against Indiana in Bloomington, Fitzgerald unleashed on a few officials.

All throughout the first half, Fitzgerald was barking at the officiating crew for numerous calls/missed calls. Or, at least calls he felt the officials had missed throughout the first 30 minutes. At one point, he was so vocal that he was hit with an unsportsmanlike conduct penalty — a rarity for head coaches to receive.

So, before heading into the locker room at halftime against the Hoosiers, Fitzgerald thought it was necessary to have a few words with the officials. Or, maybe a lot of words.

It should be noted, the Cats were trailing the Hoosiers 24-3.

Bad calls happen throughout the course of the game, and while Fitzgerald can get pretty animated on the sideline during a game, it’s not common to see him find the official at halftime before heading to the locker room.

Northwestern’s offense has continued to struggle and the defense wasn’t much better in the first half against Indiana. A few bad calls certainly didn’t help the cause for the Wildcats.