Northwestern head coach Pat Fitzgerald is open to playing all across the country when the conference realignment takes form in 2024.

During his appearance at the B1G Media Days, Fitzgerald was asked about preserving traditional rivalries when USC and UCLA come to the B1G. Fitzgerald was not worried about playing a traditional schedule, as he wanted his players to experience traveling to New Jersey and California to play games.

He noted a “holistic experience” for Northwestern to be able to play UCLA and Rutgers on the road.

With the B1G adding USC and UCLA, it will alter the schedule for some teams in the conference. Fitzgerald wants the fans and players to have the opportunity to visit every stadium in the conference:

“I hope we’re able to do that. I think it’s less about the rivalries and more about our fans and players being able to step into every venue…it’s going to be complicated,” Fitzgerald said.

As a B1G West school, Northwestern was used to playing Illinois and other rivals on a yearly basis. That could change by 2024. Fitzgerald was excited for the conference to have football games being played throughout the day each weekend:

“You’re going to wake up watching B1G football, and you’re going to be going to bed watching B1G football,” Fitzgerald said.

This will be an adjustment for the entire conference, but Fitzgerald was ready for the opportunity to play across the country.