While B1G fall student-athletes are still disappointed that they won’t be able to compete this year, there was some good news that came down from the NCAA recently. That is, all student-athletes participating in fall sports will retain a year of eligibility, regardless of how many competitions they participate in this year.

Essentially, it’s a free year of eligibility in 2020-21 for fall student-athletes.

Northwestern head coach Pat Fitzgerald is a big fan of that rule, especially since his football team won’t be competing this fall. Earlier this month, the B1G made the decision to cancel fall sports, and attempt to move forward with a spring season.

“Anything we can do to help our student-athletes through this challenging time,” Fitzgerald told Big Ten Network. “It seems to make complete sense from the standpoint of granting an additional year of eligibility. Now, obviously, the details of how things get worked out across the country will be ongoing. But I think in support of our student-athletes, whatever makes it better and improves the experience for our young men, I’m all for.”

The NCAA’s additional year of eligibility will apply to all fall sports athletes across the country.