Have you landed your dream job? If so, congratulations.

It’s what we all want.

At Northwestern, coach Pat Fitzgerald has found his.

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Fitzgerald made his appearance on an Inside The Headset Podcast, and said that he is at his dream job — Northwestern. In context, he was talking about staying in one place and setting an example at home. He mentioned how he wants to be a great father and husband.

If he could stay at Northwestern forever and keep his family stable, it sounds like that is exactly what he’ll do.

Here’s Fitzgerald:

You’re happy to hear this as a Northwestern fan — unless if course you don’t like Fitzgerald. Then, maybe, this isn’t your cup of tea.

But, we’ve all heard the rumors before — Fitzgerald to a bigger school, Fitzgerald to the NFL, Fitzgerald coaching the Chicago Bears, etc. By the sound of it, though, he likes where he’s at.

And if he has anything to say about it — he does, of course — he wants to be at one place for a long time.

Look no further than Evanston, Wildcat fans.