Greg Newsome II is gearing up for the NFL, and he is among the best corners in this year’s NFL Draft.

Newsome left Northwestern after three seasons with the Wildcats. Over those seasons, he finished with 71 total tackles, 20 passes defended, and one interception. He likely could have finished his career with even more picks but quarterbacks learned not to throw in his direction very often.

On Thursday, Pro Football Focus released one stat that Newsome leads the entire 2021 Draft class in. According to PFF, Newsome held quarterbacks to a zero passer rating on third and fourth down plays during the 2020 season.

He was the only corner of the draft class to achieve that last season:’s Daniel Jeremiah recently mocked Newsome at No. 21 overall in the first round. That pick would go to the Indianapolis Colts, keeping Newsome in the midwest to begin his NFL career.

It will be interesting to see where Newsome winds up to begin his career, but he should be able to help a number of defenses immediately.