A B1G team is joining Notre Dame on the sidelines when it comes to the new EA Sports college football video game.

Steve Greenberg of the Chicago Sun Times reported on Wednesday night that Northwestern does not plan to participate in the new version of the popular video game created by EA Sports. Like Notre Dame, Northwestern would like student-athletes to be allowed to benefit from their name, image and likeness before taking part in the game.

Northwestern will become just the second school so far to make the announcement. Notre Dame athletic director Jack Swarbrick recently released a statement regarding the Fighting Irish’s stance on the matter.

Below is the series of tweets sent out by Greenberg.

Recently, EA Sports announced it was relaunching one of its most popular sports video games. The most recent edition came out in 2013, when the company released NCAA Football 14. This upcoming game will not include “NCAA” in the title, and will instead be called EA Sports College Football.

Below is the statement sent out from Notre Dame recently:

“Notre Dame Athletics welcomes the return of EA Sports College Football, a video game series that has historically helped promote interest in college football. Notre Dame will not, however, participate in the game until such time as rules have been finalized governing the participation of our student-athletes,” Swarbrick said in a statement.

“As those rules are developed, it is our strong desire that student-athletes be allowed to benefit directly from allowing their name, image and performance history to be used in the game.”

Even though everyone seems excited about the relaunch of the video game, some schools are still apprehensive about participating. How many will follow the lead of Notre Dame and Northwestern in the coming weeks and months?