Northwestern University is seeing several staff members take salary reductions due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, according to a report.

According to, Northwestern University President Morton Schapiro announced that there will be 250 staff furloughs, administrator pay reductions and other financial situations as it relates to the school for the upcoming academic year.

Schapiro will take at least a 20 percent pay reduction, as will a handful of others as the school deals with the financial shortcomings. Athletic director Jim Phillips will see a 10 percent cut in salary and athletics head coaches will also be taking a voluntarily reduction in pay, according to Stadium’s Brett McMurphy.

The university is expected to have a nearly $90 million shortfall this fiscal year, according to the report.

Several other colleges and universities across the country have taken similar measures. School staff members, athletic directors, presidents, coaches and others have taken furlough, seen a reduction in pay, had bonuses withheld and other measures as many continue to combat the ongoing pandemic.