Pat Fitzgerald is one of a kind.

The 43-year-old head coach showed up for his weekly press conference on Monday to talk about Northwestern’s matchup against Nebraska. And in case you weren’t aware, this weekend will also be Homecoming in Evanston. That topic slightly derailed Fitzgerald while speaking with the media.

No, he didn’t pull a Jim Harbaugh and refer to “homecoming” as one of the best words in the English language. Instead, he had a pro tip for some of the students on Northwestern’s campus.

“You only get four years to be in college, and then after that you get condo, rent, mortgage, family,” Fitzgerald said. “So, if it were me, knowing what I know at 43, I would party my rear end of every Saturday. Because you can.

“I hope our students come out to party for Homecoming.”

Did you hear that Northwestern students? A person on staff is telling you to party like there’s no tomorrow. That’s all the reason you should need.

I’ll guess we’ll find out if they listened on Saturday afternoon.

Saturday will serve as a huge opportunity for Northwestern to get back to .500 on the season and improve to 3-1 in B1G play. Nebraska is 0-5.

If the Wildcats get the win, Fitzgerald may party his rear end off, despite being 20 years removed from his college days.