It would’ve been safe to assume on Sunday that Northwestern coach Pat Fitzgerald’s Monday press conference would’ve been all about Saturday’s game against Minnesota and the Wildcats’ continued push to win the Big Ten West crown.

Well, that whole narrative changed Monday morning when news leaked that Northwestern’s game against the Gophers was canceled due to Minnesota’s COVID numbers. Because of that, Fitzgerald’s press conference took on a different tone than what was expected.

Regardless of what was going to happen this weekend, there were still going to be questions for Fitzgerald to answer regarding Saturday’s disappointing loss to Michigan State.

One scary sight from Saturday’s game was wide receiver Berkeley Holman’s injury. He collided with a Michigan State cornerback and had to be taken off via stretcher but did give a thumb’s up to this at the stadium in East Lansing.

Two days later, Fitzgerald provided us with an update.

COVID has been a big part of the 2020 season for all teams. This is especially true right now with Fitzgerald’s squad.

With the Minnesota game off, it appears that Fitzgerald’s focus is on getting better and having his players defeat a different type of opponent: final exams.