By now you know, Pat Fitzgerald isn’t one to bite his tongue. If he has an opinion about something, he’s going to talk about.

At B1G Media Days on Friday, Fitzgerald was asked about declining attendance in college football. It’s been an issue not just in the B1G, but across the country.

Some might point to rising ticket prices or even less-interesting non-conference games. But for Fitzgerald, there’s one factor that contributes most to people passing on the opportunity to attend a game: technology.

Fitzgerald waved his phone after being asked the question, saying young people are more interested in technology and taking and watching videos than enjoying an experience. Here’s his full response to the question:

Does Fitzgerald have a point?

Obviously there are plenty of factors weighing into the decline in attendance. Not only is technology more prominent, ticket prices are on the increase and the availability of games on television are also contributing to the decline.

We’ll find out soon enough if college football, or any teams or conferences, comes up with a resolution.