Pat Fitzgerald has never been one afraid to speak his mind. He’s no stranger to producing quality sound bytes that make their way across social media.

The Northwestern head coach had another one of those moments this week, as the Wildcats prepare for the final game of the season.

Monday, while meeting with the media for his weekly press conference, Fitzgerald was asked about the lack of fan support the team has experienced this season. The bleachers at Ryan Field have either been fairly empty or filled with the opposing colors as Northwestern has limped to a 2-9 record this year.

Fitzgerald understands that his team hasn’t given the fans much to cheer about this year.

“You get what you earn, right? We’ve had a tough year,” Fitzgerald said. “But they’ll be back next year. Did you see all that purple that was in that Big Ten Championship Game [last year]? So, you earn it. That’s how you feel.”

It didn’t seem as though Fitzgerald took the lack of attendance too personally.

That, however, wasn’t the comment that will turn some heads. At the end of a long response to the question, Fitzgerald said that he plans to have his team back in Indianapolis in the near future.

“I’m sorry we didn’t get it done for you, but we will,” Fitzgerald said. “We’ll see ya at the Big Ten Championship next year. How does that sound?”

Northwestern made its first trip to Indianapolis last season after winning the B1G West. It’s experienced quite the drop off, though, still searching for a conference win heading into the last week of the season.

The Wildcats get one more chance this weekend, taking on Illinois on Saturday.