Recruiting is a sport in and of itself.

For some coaches, recruiting seems to be in their blood. They aren’t only great at it — they love doing it.

That said, nobody is perfect. Nobody is the perfect recruiter and nobody is perfect at marketing a specific brand.

It’s always good to get an outsider’s perspective on some things. Back in June, Ohio State commit Grant Toutant — who flipped from Penn State — went on a visit with his family to Columbus. They wanted to check out Ohio State.


However, that visit may change the future of what Ohio State’s weight room looks like. But, it isn’t because of the Buckeye commit. It’s because of his little sister Hailey. Hailey, who Grant describes as “developmentally delayed” got to talk to Buckeye head coach Ryan Day.

Here’s what the conversation entailed, in regard to the team’s weight room:

“She went around pointing out all the blue she could find in the building,” Toutant said. “She asked Coach Day why they had yellow on the charts in the weight room if they don’t like blue and yellow. He told her because it’s gold, like a gold medal. Then she told him it should be gray, like platinum and their colors, and platinum is better than gold. He legit didn’t know what to say, so he called (Director of Player Development Ryan) Stamper and said that had to be discussed.”

And just like that, the Buckeyes’ weight room may be enduring some changes. If Day is in agreement, and from an outsider’s perspective, things could look a little better, a change may be coming sooner than later.

Thank you, Hailey.

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