Well this will be a moment on Rutgers cheerleader wishes wasn’t captured on video.

On Saturday, Rutgers hosted No. 2 Ohio State for a November clash of B1G East foes. It wasn’t much of a contest, with the Buckeyes cruising to a 56-21 victory over the Scarlet Knights in Piscataway. The final score was bad enough.

But, to add a little salt in the wound, one Rutgers cheerleader appeared to forget who he was cheering for in a brief moment during Saturday’s game. On a J.K. Dobbins touchdown run, the cheerleader was clapping as if it was Rutgers that crossed the goal line. When he realized his mistake, you could tell he was slightly embarrassed.

Below is video of the moment:

Obviously, it’s an innocent mistake during a game that was relatively uninteresting. He probably just wanted a little more to cheer about during the game.

He may catch a little flack for this moment for a few days, though.