Computers are computers. They don’t have emotion.

So when ranking teams based on numbers, it should be pretty correct with what it puts out, right? Sure.

But, since the College Football Playoff era started, we like the fact that human beings are more in control now. However, back in the BCS days (since 1998), it was computers that did the thinking for us.

According to Jeff Sagarin’s computer rankings, here are the top eight teams based on the computer’s model since 1998:

Ohio State, as shown above, has the fifth-highest number in the last 21 years. That’s pretty impressive. The championship-winning Clemson team from a year ago ranks eighth.

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The best team since 1998 is the Texas team in 2005 led by Vince Young. If Ohio State is as good as the computers think it is, the Buckeyes should win the national title this year.

Will they?