The Buckeyes were keeping it close for a bit but Alabama has started to pull away from them due to the play of wide receiver DeVonta Smith and running back Najee Harris.

Smith already has three touchdowns going into halftime as he has 12 receptions for 215 yards. His 215 yards in that first half are already the second most amount of yards that he’s had in any game this season. His best game came against LSU on Dec. 5 when he had eight receptions for 231 yards and three touchdowns.

For Harris, he has 11 carries for 45 yards and a rushing touchdown while also being electric receiving wise. He has five receptions for 66 yards and a touchdown as the Crimson Tide are up 35-17 going into the break.

If OSU has any chance of coming back in the second half, they’re going to have to take away both Harris and Smith.

They’ll also have to slow down quarterback Mac Jones, who is 25-for-30 passing for 342 yards and four touchdowns.