What’s the best way to decide if one team is better than the other? Usually, a game.

Michigan and Ohio State did just that on Saturday. They played 60 minutes of football and two overtime periods. In case you missed it, OSU came out on top.

But according to Associated Press voter Tom Murphy, Michigan played better than Ohio State, so he put the Wolverines ahead of the Buckeyes on his ballot.

Why? He declared himself a replay official.

Here’s how he explained his decision (via Reddit College Football):

“Yes, I voted Michigan higher than Ohio State. The Wolverines essentially outplayed their arch rival on the road and I don’t think the football reached the necessary 15-yard line on J.T. Barrett’s fourth-down run in double overtime. As that was the game-decided play, I appointed myself as the replay official undimmed Michigan the winner. Now, if only the College Football Playoff selection committee would do the same. As a side note, while I admire Jim Harbaugh for speaking his mind after the game, he appeared to pin everything on the officiating, which isn’t a good look.”

While some might argue that Michigan got a raw deal, Murphy was the only AP voter that had Michigan ahead of Ohio State. Unfortunately for Murphy, not everyone saw it that way. Ohio State remained at No. 2 and Michigan fell to No. 5.

Murphy, who works for the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette, actually had Ohio State all the way back at No. 5. He had Washington at No. 4, Michigan at No. 3, Clemson at No. 2 and Alabama at No. 1.

Everyone AP voter is entitled to an opinion, though Murphy might not get many supporters for his outside of the state of Michigan.

UPDATE: Murphy went on “The Paul Finebaum Show” and said that after seeing multiple camera angles, he changed his mind.