The attorney for former Ohio State assistant coach Zach Smith has issued a statement on the latest domestic abuse allegations made by ex-wife Courtney Smith and reported by Brett McMurphy.

Brad Koffel, Smith’s attorney, told ESPN that this client will not be issuing any statements to the press to respond to the new report and interview given by his ex-wife, but will testify about the alleged abuse.

“Zach Smith wants to be as transparent and honest as possible but it is not going to be done today through the media,” Koffel’s statement reads. “It will only be after he and his ex-wife are sworn in to testify. Once he gets his chance to tell his side of events, don’t be surprised when it is corroborated by every police who ever responded to Ms. Smith’s calls.”

A bombshell report by Brett McMurphy includes photos of alleged physical abuse by Smith. His ex-wife also detailed the allegations in an interview given to Stadium.

Smith was fired by OSU on July 24.