A targeting call that led to the ejection of Ohio State’s Denzel Ward in last Saturday’s game vs. Maryland has been ruled an error by B1G officiating.

Ward delivered a brutal hit on Maryland receiver Taivon Jacobs last week, jarring the ball lose and earning plenty of applause from the fans. The only problem? The Buckeye was ejected for a targeting call.

Here’s the hit that Ward put on Jacobs.

Yeah, not targeting. Not even close.

On Tuesday, Urban Meyer confirmed that the call had been ruled an error by B1G officiating.

“It was an error” he said. “We’re going to reward Denzel Ward today at practice for a caused fumble and he should not have been ejected. It was a mistake.”

Meyer made it clear that he wasn’t happy with the call and would like to see some changes made to those potential game-changing calls.

At least the B1G corrected its mistake, though that really didn’t help Ward, Meyer or the Buckeyes in the moment.