When Jadar Johnson called out J.T. Barrett the other day, it raised some eyebrows.

Johnson gave an honest assessment of Barrett’s abilities as a passer, which led him to say that he didn’t think he was one of the best quarterbacks Clemson saw in 2016.

Barrett heard those comments. He said wasn’t bothered by them.

But he did offer up a little reminder about what happened when Oklahoma’s backup quarterback called the Buckeye defense “basic.”

“It’s not like we’re going to hang it up on the game-day bulletin board,” Barrett said. “We’re OK. We’re good. You know what I’m saying? We’re good. Somebody in the past said something about our defense, and we saw how that went. That’s how we feel about that. We’re OK. If you want to talk, that’s OK. We still have to go play the game.”

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For what it’s worth, Johnson said that he wasn’t trying to “say Barrett sucked or anything.” Johnson felt he was being honest. He said didn’t get chewed out by Dabo Swinney, but he was told to watch what he says to the media.

Who knows if Johnson’s comments will light a fire under Barrett, who still threw for 24 touchdown passes and only five interceptions in 2016 despite not having his best year.

But as Barrett said, inflammatory comments provided the fuel before. Maybe they will again.