Skip Bayless is on a new network, but he’s still spitting out the same, exaggerated hot takes.

Bayless, as you may or may not know but definitely don’t care about, is a diehard Oklahoma fan. How big of an Oklahoma fan is he? Well, he refers to the Sooners as “we,” even when he’s being paid $5 million to give unbiased opinions.

Naturally, Bayless offered up a biased opinion of what he thinks will happen in Norman this weekend.

“That’s what we do” was the best line of that mini rant. Oklahoma did already lose to non-Power Five power Houston to start the season.

On the flip side, Ohio State comes into Saturday 2-0 as a two-point favorite. The Buckeye defense hasn’t allowed a touchdown yet, albeit against lackluster competition.

Saying that Bob Stoops simply has to “show up” shows that Bayless is discrediting Urban Meyer’s three national championships and 52-4 record at Ohio State.

But hey, when has Bayless ever offered up a baseless opinion?