You might not want to rely on draft facts that come from Chris Berman.

The ESPN personality is heading draft coverage and he was attempting to highlight a record-breaking night for Ohio State. When Eli Apple was the third Buckeye selected in the top 10, it marked the first time in program history that happened.

Berman, however, said that it was the first time in draft history that ANY team had three players in the top 10.

The only problem with that? It already happened 12 times, 13 if you include Ohio State:

You’ll notice that Michigan State and Penn State were two of the schools that had at least three players selected in the top 10.

In Berman’s defense, he wasn’t the person coming up with a nugget like that. He could’ve either been given false information or just botched it altogether.

Still, it never looks good to make a claim like that on the air that was so brutally wrong.