Shots fired.

Former Wisconsin coach and current Arkansas coach Bret Bielema apparently doesn’t think so highly of Ohio State’s potential road to another national championship.

He had some words for the defending national champs on the SEC teleconference today.

Yes, Bielema is whining about the SEC conference that he ditched Wisconsin to join. His Razorbacks do play in the SEC West, which is filled with ranked teams from top to bottom.

Still, what Bielema is leaving out is the fact that Ohio State’s game against one ranked team is a top five team. And what he also failed to mention was that his team doesn’t have a single non-conference road game. The Razorbacks’ one non-conference game against a Power Five team is Texas Tech at home.

The Buckeyes, meanwhile, had to play at Virginia Tech to open the season.

The point is not that Ohio State has a tougher schedule than Arkansas. It doesn’t. But the only thing the Buckeyes can control is the non-conference schedule, which they set up with a consistent ACC contender. Arkansas, on the other hand, took it easy.

The Buckeyes already proved to the world they they can not only hang with, but they can beat the best the SEC has to offer. Sure, they might get an easier road to get there, but nobody is evaluating Ohio State on whether or not it can get to the playoff. All anybody will remember about the 2015 season is whether or not the Buckeyes repeated.

For now, it’s just talk. As we all know, Bielema likes to do a whole lot of that.