One thing that’s an absolute certainty in college football is that coaches have been lying to recruits for years. It happened 50 years ago, 5 years ago — and probably 5 minutes ago. It’s a given, for sure.

Recruits are good at lying, too. They’ll tell one school they’re committed, then bolt to go somewhere else.

There’s been a lot of lying between Ohio State and Tate Martell during the years. The flashy quarterback from Las Vegas whose self-confidence is way off the charts has been a hot-button QB for years. Once firmly entrenched as a commit to Texas A&M, he left them standing at the altar to take an offer from Ohio State a few years ago.

He was promised many things during his recruitment by Ohio State. Urban Meyer told him he could be the next great quarterback in Columbus. He would leave the school as a legend, he was told, and he would leave with national championships.

Lies. All lies.

Martell was given every opportunity to win the starting job at Ohio State this year, but Dwayne Haskins was simply better and all he did all year long was break one Big Ten record after another during Ohio State’s 13-1 season. Haskins deserved it.

Haskins is turning pro, and it was supposed to be Martell’s time to be the starting quarterback at Ohio State in 2019. Instead, the Buckeyes lied to him again and went out and got Justin Fields, who was transferring from Georgia. Martell was pushed to the back burner again.

This kid is angry now. He entered the NCAA transfer protocol after Fields showed up in Columbus. Now that he’s in the transfer protocol, he can go kick the tires at a few schools. It looks like West Virginia, Miami and Louisville are at the top of the list for now.

But if you’re really ticked off at Ohio State for lying to you, Tate, here’s a better transfer thought.

Transfer to Michigan.

Sit out a year and learn from Shea Patterson in Ann Arbor. Compete for the starting job in 2020 and then go TO COLUMBUS at the end of the year and BEAT THE BUCKEYES on the field.

Wouldn’t that be something?

Look, Tate, you’ve been talking trash since you were a high school kid. You were a Las Vegas shark. You were a QB1 reality TV star on the Netflix series. You’ve got it all.

Well, almost everything.

All you don’t have is any college football success on your resume. You haven’t done anything yet. What will you do at West Virginia that will matter? Or Louisville? We’ll leave Miami off that list of schools in the dumpster, because that could get turned around quick.

No, none of those three are great options. You hate the Buckeyes now? Then stick it to them. Go somewhere where you can actually go beat Ohio State on the field. Make it fun, make it interesting.

Make it Michigan.

Hey look, Andrew Dakich proved a few years ago that it can be done. After playing basketball at Michigan, first as a walk-on, he wasn’t asked back to the Wolverines as a fifth-year senior. Since he had already graduated, he could have gone anywhere and played immediately.

So what did he do? He picked Ohio State. Just like that, the hated rivals became his best buds. He loved his year at Ohio State just as much as he enjoyed his four years at Michigan.

It can be done.

So pick up the phone, Tate, and give Michigan a call. It would sure be a fun story to follow.