The NFL Scouting Combine press conference is usually the place that prospects try and answer every odd question with politically correct answers.

Joey Bosa wasn’t worried about that. Instead, he just shot from the hip.

Upon arriving at the podium, Bosa’s first words were fitting.


Bosa then continued by answering questions about Ohio State dealing with mega expectations and handling the pressure of repeating. To which he responded:

When Ohio State was still No. 1, Bosa was also considered by many as the No. 1 overall pick. But since then, some dropped him to the fifth or sixth pick. SEC analyst Booger McFarland even said that Bosa is still overrated.

Bosa didn’t mince words about where he thinks he should be taken.

Bosa will have a chance to show that throughout the weekend. He said that he’ll be competing in all of the drills in Indianapolis.

He’s also been taking meetings with a variety of NFL teams. That led to his next unfiltered response:

And perhaps the oddest question Bosa received was about the pressure there would be on his future son to become a first-round pick.

His answer was even better.

It’s good to see the big stage hasn’t changed Bosa’s laid-back demeanor.