Joey Bosa is often a man of few words. Usually, he lets his pursuit of ball-carriers do the talking.

But the Ohio State All-American defensive lineman was in San Francisco for the Super Bowl and he made the rounds doing various interviews. One of the interviews Bosa did was with Fox Sports.

He was asked what he would say to Jim Harbaugh. In one word, Bosa said it all:

Bosa’s apology was likely for the role he played in Ohio State’s 42-13 victory against Michigan to end the season. In that game, Bosa actually knocked former high school teammate Jake Rudock out with one of his biggest sacks of the season.

Ironically enough, Harbaugh and Bosa were making many of the same rounds in San Francisco. He probably could’ve just walked up to him and said the same thing.

That would’ve made for an even better video.