NFL training camp is in full swing, and still, Joey Bosa is nowhere to be found.

The former Buckeye defensive end and No. 3 overall pick remains unsigned because of a rare rookie contract disagreement. According to Pro Football Talk, the two parties haven’t even spoken since July 28.

And from the look of one of the comment’s from Bosa’s camp, an agreement doesn’t appear imminent.

Pro Football Talk reported that Bosa’s mom, Cheryl, vented her frustrations about the Chargers’ organization via’s Facebook page.

“It bums me out for [Joey] so much. Wish we pulled an Eli Manning on draft day,” she wrote.

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Eli Manning, of course, infamously refused to play for the Chargers after they picked him No. 1 overall in the 2004 draft. They were basically forced to trade him to the New York Giants, which ultimately landed them Philip Rivers. But Manning is still strongly disliked by San Diego fans for refusing to play for the organization.

To see that Bosa’s mom is already saying that they already regret not pursuing a trade — before her son has even played in a preseason game — is certainly not a good sign.

The holdout stemmed from the disagreement the two parties had over some of the language in the contract regarding guaranteed money in the event he’s cut or released before the end of his rookie deal. The Chargers haven’t responded to the proposal Bosa’s camp offered on July 28.

Bosa could refuse to sign, sit out the entire year and re-enter the 2017 draft. They could also trade Bosa, but given the cap on rookie wages, it’s unlikely that a team would be able to afford the contract of the No. 3 overall pick as part of its rookie pool.

From the look of Cheryl Bosa’s comment, it appears they wouldn’t mind the latter one bit.