Tom Brady’s fashion choices have become somewhat of a phenomenon. From the fedoras to the Ugg boots, Brady is never afraid to put himself out there.

Thursday was a different story.

The former Michigan quarterback made his way through the locker room, and much to the surprise of the media witnesses, Brady was wearing an Ohio State shirt.

Nate Ebner, a former Buckeye safety, apparently made a little wager with Brady on Saturday’s game in Ann Arbor. Much to Brady’s disgust, the Wolverines fell 42-13 to Ohio State.

That meant Brady was forced to wear an OSU shirt during practice…and try not to be seen in it.

Apparently there wasn’t much sympathy for Brady, either.

It marked the second time in which Brady had to face public shame for a lost bet with a Buckeye. In 2012, he lost the same bet to former OSU defensive end Mike Vrabel and Brady was forced to wear his jersey in practice.

That time, there was photo evidence:

Despite the fact that Michigan has only won once in its last 11 meetings with Ohio State, Brady continues to bet on his Wolverines. If nothing else, he’s loyal.