Now the reporters are going at it.

Ohio State journalism grad and author of multiple Buckeyes books Jeff Snook sent shockwaves through the college football world when he published to Facebook Saturday that he had confirmed McMurphy’s tipster was Texas head coach and former OSU assistant Tom Herman. McMurphy has taken to Twitter to deny the report.

“For those who have asked for my response to Jeff Snook’s claim Saturday: ‘I have never revealed my sources in my nearly four decade journalistic career & I am not going to start now. However, I will say unequivocally that Tom Herman was not my source,'”McMurphy tweeted Saturday.

It wasn’t his only response to Snook’s reporting. Earlier in the week, Snook reported that Tina Carano, the estranged mother of Courtney Smith, told him that Zach Smith never abused Courtney Smith. McMurphy has responded by posting text messages allegedly sent by Carano to Zach Smith making multiple references to abuse against Courtney Smith.

Both Snook and McMurphy are journalism veterans using Facebook to share their findings.