College football insider Brett McMurphy has been revered as one of the top reporters in college football. So when he reported on Zach Smith’s history of domestic violence and Urban Meyer’s alleged knowledge of the situation involving his former assistant, nearly everyone considered the information credible.

But several Ohio State fans were upset by McMurphy’s reporting and quickly began lashing out at the insider. With Meyer put on administrative leave and facing an uncertain future, things got ugly for McMurphy, particularly on social media.

McMurphy detailed some o the alarming and discouraging threats he’s received since breaking the news on Smith and Meyer. He outlined some of it with FOX Sports during a radio interview.

“I’ve seen references to, ‘I’ll make sure he’s hanging from a tree.’ I’ve had people on Facebook message me and basically talk about things they would do to my daughter, who is 14 years old. I don’t know what the definition of a threat is, but I’d say I have over 1,500 messages on Facebook and I would say 90 percent of them contain the F-word or ‘go have sex with yourself’ in a variety of manners.”

“All I know is that if Michigan’s play-calling under Harbaugh was as creative as some of the ways Ohio State fans have told me to have sex with myself, Harbaugh would have three national titles.”

McMurphy has been the target of so many threats due to his continued reporting on the Smith-Meyer situation, as well as the initial bombshell he dropped just a day prior to B1G Media Days.

Still, it’s discouraging to hear that so many have used social media to condemn the reporter in a vulgar, threatening and violent manner.