Chalk another victory up to Brutus Buckeye and Ohio State. A thoughtful Twitter message from Tom Brady to Tampa Bay Buccaneers fans was quickly turned into a promotional clip for the folks in Columbus.

Recently, Brady sent out an encouraging video to the fans and residents of Tampa. He concluded the video by saying “Let’s go Bucs,” as he begins his new post-New England journey. When the Ohio State mascot caught wind of that phrase, however, he used it against the former Michigan quarterback.

Brutus used the twist on “Let’s go Buc(k)s” to promote Ohio State. Below is the clip and the tweet from Brutus’s Twitter account.

Even Michigan fans have to give Brutus some credit with this one. It was pretty creative to put an Ohio State twist on Brady’s message. It was well played from the Ohio State mascot.

Brady may have to come up with a new slogan so that Ohio State doesn’t twist his words in the future.