Yes, you read that headline correctly. There’s bad blood between a college athlete and his mascot.

Ohio State running back Ezekiel Elliott announced his love for Taylor Swift on Thursday by asking the pop star out on a date. Swift was in Columbus on Thursday for a concert.

The Heisman trophy candidate threw out a simple feeler to see if his fellow crop-top wearing twenty-something was free.

Elliott proceeded to ask Swift if she was interested in going to Hyde Park. She didn’t respond, but Elliott did get a massive response from others about his love interest.

What else did he get? Competition. From the mascot.

Brutus is apparently under the impression that he, not Zeke, has a better shot at landing a date with Swift. He put his photoshop skills to work to troll the Buckeye tailback.

Zeke was not a fan of that.

Naturally, Brutus threatened to get the boss involved.

And Elliott ended it on this note.

Swift has been involved in and written about her fair share of love triangles. But did any involve a high-profile college football player and the team’s mascot? I’m guessing not.

Swift hasn’t publicly acknowledged either of the beloved Buckeyes. For now, it appears they’re never ever ever getting back together.

Hopefully Zeke and Brutusย canย take their crush’s all-important advice and just shake it off.