Ohio State isn’t going to meet the minimum number of games to qualify for the Big Ten Championship Game but for Howard Griffith, that shouldn’t matter. An exception, Griffith said, should be made.

Griffith, a former star fullback for Illinois, thinks that the Big Ten should be on board with allowing Ohio State to play in the conference’s championship, this despite the Buckeyes playing just five games this season. The Big Ten outlined that a minimum number of six games played are needed for a team to qualify for the championship game.

No. 4 Ohio State (5-0) has seen several games cancelled this year due to COVID-19. Most recently, this weekend’s rivalry against Michigan which would have given them six games.

“I do believe so at this point, they need to be able to put the best team the Big Ten has into the championship game and allow them to have an opportunity to go on and play for the college football championship and that would give them that opportunity,” Griffith said on the Big Ten Network.

“And also, we listened to them talk about them moving some teams around to try something to happen so they’d be able to get that sixth game even if they weren’t playing a championship game – I don’t know that makes that much sense either. Ultimately, I think the ADs are going to come together in the morning and I think they’re going to agree that Ohio State should be allowed to play in the Big Ten Championship Game and represent the East even though they’re not going to meet the threshold.”

The Big Ten is meeting on Wednesday morning to discuss allowing Ohio State into the championship game despite not meeting the minimum requirement of games played.