BTN analyst Stanley Jackson expects more out of J.T. Barrett.

Let me rephrase that: Jackson expects perfection out of Barrett.

That much was clear when the Big Ten Network analyst handed out his Week 1 grades to B1G quarterbacks. Barrett, of course, set a school record with seven total touchdowns in a blowout of Bowling Green.

But Barrett did throw that one pick-six in the first quarter. That, Jackson said, was worthy of docking him down to a…B-?

Here’s what he said about Barrett’s mistake:

Barrett obviously wanted that one back, but it still proved to be one of the very few low moments in an OSU rout.

You usually don’t hear such strong opinions from the Big Ten Network crew. But saying that Barrett needed a SEVENTH touchdown just to avoid a ‘B’ seems like a strong opinion.

Perhaps this is just another sign that Barrett is in the Heisman Trophy conversation. If he’s going to be graded that critically, it looks like he’ll have to break a few more records to ‘ace’ his junior season.