There’s been an outpouring of support for Ohio State guard DJ Carton, who recently decided to take a leave of absence from the team for a “personal matter.” That personal matter, Carton said, is addressing a concern with his mental health.

Carton composed a tweet last week, explaining why he decided to step away from the basketball team for the moment. Even though he didn’t have to, Carton said he wanted to be as transparent as possible, and not give fans the idea that he was quitting on his team.

Since his decision, he’s received a lot of support for his bravery. Recently, a few Big Ten Network analysts showed the same support for Carton.

“I want to clap for this young man,” said Stephen Bardo. “Because it’s so hard in basketball because it’s a macho sport, to come out and admit some vulnerability. You can do it with your teammates, but when you do it to the world with social media, which I believe is one of the driving factors behind some of these mental health issues, for him to be that strong to voice what’s going on and to support others…that’s a tremendous amount of strength.

“I applaud this young man because this is the right direction for all young people to step to.”

Below is the full clip of Bardo, Dave Revsine and Mike DeCourcy talking about Carton’s decision and the steps basketball has made to address mental health issues: