How bad is it for the Cleveland Browns?

The NFL’s lowliest franchise might’ve sunk to a new low.

In a recent public policy poll, Ohio voters were asked who they think would win in a game between the Browns and Ohio State. A whopping 57 percent took the Buckeyes while 23 percent went with the Browns and 20 percent were undecided.


“This may be the greatest measure of what tough times these are for the Cleveland Browns: voters in the state think that in a head to head match up Ohio State would beat the Browns on the gridiron 57/23. It’s patently ridiculous to think a college team could beat even so hapless an NFL team as the Browns, but that’s where we are.”

Is it realistic to think that a college team could beat an NFL team? Perhaps not, but this speaks more to the never-ending frustration felt in Cleveland more than anything.

Ohio State has a chance to break the 2004 Miami team’s record of six first-round draft picks. Still, even with how loaded the Buckeyes are with first-round talent, beating an actual NFL team made up of veterans might be a little bit of a stretch.

You can bet the Browns would never allow that idea to surface in any way.