Ohio State head coach Ryan Day has hinted about his team having some sort of message relating to social justice present on its uniform during the 2020 season. On Wednesday, we found out what that will look like.

The Columbus Dispatch reported that Ohio State will wear a decal that reads “EQUALITY” on the back of the helmet during the 2020 season. The decal is expected to be in black capital letters and be placed on the lower back of the helmet.

“One thing we wanted to do is have one message that was something the entire team agreed with,” Ryan Stamper, assistant director of player personnel at Ohio State, told The Dispatch. “Meeting with the leadership committee and others, that was something that everybody felt was a strong statement and word for our team and what we believe in, and we’re going put it on the helmet and pretty much show the country with everything that’s been going on.”

No images of the decal were provided in the report.

Ohio State will begin the 2020 season on Saturday, Oct. 24 in Columbus against Nebraska.