Earlier this week, updated Heisman odds were released and there was a surprising B1G player on the list.

After entering the year as the presumed back up running back, Ohio State freshman J.K. Dobbins has taken the college football by storm. Every time he touches the ball, Dobbins is a threat to either break a defenders ankles or score an electrifying touchdown.

Dobbins, who has become the unquestioned starter in the Buckeye backfield and looking like Ohio State’s star, went from off the board to 40/1 Heisman odds this week. His inclusion on the list begs the question, is Dobbins a legit Heisman contender?

It is ridiculous to think Dobbins is an actual Heisman hopeful. However, it may not be to far fetch.

Currently, Dobbins is No. 8 in the country in total rushing yards. The freshman has ran for 425 yards on 55 carries, which gives him an average of 7.7 yards per carry. The six of the seven backs in front of him all have more carries then Dobbins, Stanford’s Bryce Love is the only one that has less attempts (43).


While Dobbins’ statistics are there, he performed well in a primetime game earlier this year.

When Ohio State took on the Oklahoma Sooners in Week 2, Dobbins carried the ball 13 times for 72 yards and a touchdown. Although those numbers may not pop out right now, if one goes back and watch the film of that game, there could be a strong case made that if he got more carries the Buckeyes may have won the game.

Dobbins also has a chance to add build upon his impressive start of his collegiate career.

Ohio State takes on UNLV, Rutgers, Maryland and Nebraska in its next four games before it takes on Penn State. If Dobbins can put up some impressive statistics heading into the Penn State and he is able to have a big game, plus a Buckeye win, it would not sound crazy to hear Dobbins become a top-10, possibly top-5 Heisman candidate.

Also, Dobbins benefits from playing for a blueblood like Ohio State. If he was on a lower B1G team, it is highly doubtful Dobbins would even appear on a Heisman odds list.


While it may not seem far fetched for Dobbins to enter the Heisman conversation, there are obviously some roadblocks in front of him.

The first bump in the road for Dobbins is the potential number of carries he may get as the season progresses.

Dobbins success can be credited to Mike Weber’s injuries. Last season, Weber ran for 1,000 plus yards and looked like the Buckeyes’ next great back. However, due to a hamstring injury this summer, Weber has been banged up and was regulated to the No. 2 back. Once and if Weber, Dobbins’ chances for more attempts and to create Heisman moments will significantly decrease. And that will damage Dobbins’ odds tremendously.

The other bumps in the road for Dobbins is that he is a freshman and that he is not even the best back in the B1G.

Although former Texas A&M quarterback Johnny Manziel and Florida State signal caller Jameis Winston helped create chances for freshman to contend for the trophy, it is still highly unlikable for one to win it. Also, Penn State’ Saquon Barkley is the B1G’s best back. Remember his Rose Bowl performance? But as mentioned above, if Dobbins can outplay Barkley, the young back’s odds can increase.

Is Dobbins a legit Heisman contender right now? No, he is not. However, as the season progresses, Dobbins will certainly have chances to improve his stock. So, do not be surprised if Dobbins is a top-10 Heisman candidate by seasons end.