At one time, a much younger Cardale Jones would’ve agreed with UCLA quarterback Josh Rosen.

On Tuesday, Bleacher Report released an in-depth interview, as Matt Hayes spoke with the Bruins gunslinger on a variety of topics. And while most of Rosen’s answers were interesting to read, the one that responses that stuck out the most were related to football and college.

Rosen started in on the ties between going to school and playing college football, two things he believes don’t go together.

From the interview:

Look, football and school don’t go together. They just don’t. Trying to do both is like trying to do two full-time jobs.

While Rosen’s thoughts aren’t necessarily all that groundbreaking, his comments about school and football took off online. And that’s where Jones caught wind of it.

So, in response to Rosen, a much wiser Jones gave some strong advice for the UCLA quarterback:

You might remember the phrase “play school,” which Jones made famous a few years ago when he was complaining about attending class rather than solely focusing on football.

He sent out this tweet, which eventually went viral:

But after his initial frustration with workload between class and football, Jones got comfortable as a student at Ohio State and regularly sent out messages regarding the importance of education.

This past spring, Jones graduated from Ohio State. And, of course, he had an awesome message on graduation day.

So while Rosen may not be happy with the difficult schedule that comes with being a student athlete at the FBS level, there have been others who have found the combination frustration but eventually went on to earn a degree.

Take some advice from Jones and chill out. Play school.